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So you want a bunny as a pet?

Here's a great Video that will give you some insight on owning a Bunny..

What does a bunny need?

If you are thinking about adopting a Bun, then this is the page for you. Bunnies are not just cute cuddle pets there for your convenience. They are a living breathing entity that needs all the things we need! Lets break that down for you:


  • A Safe Space - A small cage is not an ideal space for your Bun. They need space to run, binky, zoomie and explore. In the wild they live underground in burrows so it makes sense that their space should be temperature sensitive also! Warm in the winter and free from draughts and cool in the summer. 

  • Nutritious food and fresh drinking water - check out the documents below for more details.

  • Litter Tray - Yes they can be toilet trained!

If you are considering housing your Buns outside ask yourself what your reasons are?

Buns need to be part of the family just like a dog or cat, and these days a lot of dogs and cats live inside!


Domestic bunnies aren’t suited to outdoor life for many reasons.

We are not an indoor home only refuge but we like indoor living with safe outside play time.

Bunnies who live outside are more at risk for being exposed to viruses & domestic bunnies that are caged outside can die in the heat if they aren't housed properly.

Remember -  wild buns would usually live 10 foot underground where its between 17c - 15c all year, so its warm in winter & cool in summer.


Here are some websites that demonstrate some excellent indoor and out door set ups for you to draw inspiration from. 

Please read our documents below as they will give you a lot more insight into what pet bunny ownership actually entails!…

Bunny Resources

Below is a collection of reading that is very helpful to all bunny owners

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