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No room in the Inn!

Hi All!

Due to boarding bookings this Christmas season we are unable to take any bonding appointments until the 20th January 2023. You can make a booking after this date on our appointments page as usual. Thanks for your understanding and Merry Christmas to all from the Bluey & Alice team x



When coming to your appointment please park within the boundaries of the rescue. There are clearly marked bays for visitors to park within the property. Please do not park on the opposite side of the street to the refuge. If you must park on the street please park on the refuge side of the street directly in front of the refuge.

Thank-you for your understanding.

The best and easiest way to book an appointment with Bluey and Alice is to become a member!


Please sign up here




Please note that you will be receiving confirmation of your booking via email, you will get a reminder SMS 1 day prior to your appointment.

Should you need to CANCEL please log in to your member account to do so

Alternatively if you are not a member you can email the refuge on

Until your booking is removed no one else can book in.

BONDING: Bookings for bonding are only available Friday & Saturday at 11am. Once booked we will email you a boarding form to complete & email back to us

We have sadly been inundated with buns in recent months and with a very heavy heart regret to inform that we are unable to take in any more surrendered buns. 
The refuge receives no government funding and is purely run by volunteers. We are sadly well over capacity and are simply no longer able to cope with the unprecedented influx of buns that we’ve experienced with the end of lockdown.


Thank you for understanding.

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