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"Hop To It, bunny holiday camp, & both support the rescue & are our main source of income.

By having your buns stay with us you are supporting the rescue & helping us continue our work.

Bunny Holiday Camp


"Hop To It" is an in-home bunny boarding facility, although quite often it becomes a boot camp for some of our more spoilt guests! We are able to offer a range of other services from Post Op care, to administering both oral & injectable medications. We also offer, grooming, clipping, nail trims & can supply what ever foods your bunny is used to.  We prefer either Oxbow or Burgess but can supply quite a range of pellets, & hay. Some of the premium pellets & Hay have an additional fee but the rest of the food is all inclusive. Boarding buns are treated like one of the family, coming to sit in with us of an evening for cuddles or just a bit of exploring.  Our own pet bunnies are in a different area & cuddle time is alternated. We also offer bonding while your bunny is staying with us if you are searching for a companion for your bunny.

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Find a Companion

While you are away, take advantage of your buns time boarding with us to bond with a new companion. 

Drop off one bunny & go home with 2 or more! How perfect?

We also do a lot of bondings for people that already have a number of bunnies that don't get along. A change of scenery & a neutral space is often all that is needed to bring harmony to your bunny tribe! 

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